Performance Art TV is a project by Italian performance artists Francesca Fini and Paola Michela Mineo: a "social TV" dedicated to the live streaming on social networks of performance art works.
The special streaming format available on the net, the use of a familiar device such as the smartphone, the ephemeral nature of communication on social networks, are all elements that provocatively overlap to idea of ​​"live" as the creative process that guides the production of any work of art.
Through the streaming of substantially abstract performative actions our "social tv" conceptually acts on many levels, to overturn even poetically the very meaning of the use of a smartphone as a filter through which we observe reality around us. The reality in this case returns deformed and amplified, in a game of mirrors that is no longer evasion, but crucial reflection on ourselves.
The transmissions are scheduled according to a specific program, which provides a live stream every thursday at 12:00 (if the site is an artist's studio) or after 19.00 (if the streaming regards public events in museums or art galleries).

Performance Art TV overcomes the concept of here and now (hic et nunc), as foundations of performance art practices, and reconstructs the value and significance of contemporary performance art as a social practice, transforming the ”here" into the ubiquity of the metaverse and the concept of "now" in an emotional and technically "deferred" present. In fact, the performance takes place in a physical place and in a precise time, but is simultaneously accessible globally through direct streaming on Facebook, by anyone who can access the Internet, while the few seconds buffering, determined by an infinite series of variables (connection, geographical position, etc.), overcomes the concept of "nunc", transforming the temporal present into an emotional and perceptual dimension. Performance Art TV is therefore contributing, in its own way, to a redefinition of performance art and its modes of fruition and sharing.

Performance Art TV has already its own transversal, stable and loyal audience, not only among professionals and performance artists, with an average of 2000/3000 live video views and tens of thousands of contacts every time we publish new content. The network has also become, almost immediately, a platform of artistic experimentation, where the unique medium and format of live streaming, as well as the possibility to creatively use the interaction in real time with a global audience, have inspired the birth of “medium-specific” projects.

A few experiments self-produced by Performance Art TV:

Ultracorpi nomadic identities (live 360° performance)
The performance, conceived by Francesca Fini, has been streamed utilizing Facebook live streaming in VR thanks to a 360° camcorder. A man and a woman are crossdressing, sitting in from of each other, while the live 360° videocamera is placed in the middle of the table. The audience had the possibility of watching the performance navigating in the 360° real/virtual space in which the long and ritualistic action took place, choosing a personal angle and point of view. The performance thus created a revolutionary reversal of the relationship between the spectator and the show, giving everyone a unique experience of the live action and conceptually interacting with the idea of “fluid identity”

Windows (performance art web series)
Windows is a web series of artistic performances created for Performance Art tv by the artist Paola Michela Mineo: the episodes are the portrait of the city where she chose to live: Pietrasanta.
The project was born from a simple questions: how to create a city portrait?
The artist’s obsession are human portraits and she use this approach to deepen her knowledges about humans; with this project she will try to move from the traditional way to the concept of a portrait, trying to make peace between her architectural training and the artistic research of these years.

The Call Center (durational interactive performance)
The italian poet Davide Cortese spent two hours calling random people from the phone book and reading his poems to them. The alienating experience of telemarketing and call centers, where Davide worked for a period of his life, is sublimated into a surreal action that totally overcomes the very meaning of commercial calls, setting up with the "stranger" a brand new poetic relationship devoid of any utilitarian purpose.
Almost immediately people watching the performance started to interact with Davide, giving him numbers to call, to “test” the mental and poetic openness of friends and relatives, transforming the experience into a visceral and collective poetic sharing.

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