October 18 2018 /// Paul Carter - From pierced darkness flowers grow part I & II

Black wedge obstacle towering; boundless. Darkest depths swallow life. Mute, blind, paralysed. Dead weight. Swamped, crushed. Slippery void. Spiralling. Horizonless. Lost. Trapped within; cavernous oblivion. Grappling for a foothold, for anything. Yearning for a crutch to stabilise. Within the darkest dark, movement. A tide turning. Light stirs within. Void punctured; radiance penetrates the scars. New shoots emerge within the light.

From pierced darkness flowers grow is a participatory performative installation in a series of works that contemplates the darkest moments in our life when the black void consumes us, swallowing all but an unsurmountable obstacle inhabiting the entirety of being. Paul Carter’s work opens up space to reflect on these embodied experiences with an intent for catharsis to take hold, laying troubled times to rest.