June 23 2018 /// Paola Mineo - Sudario

Spazio Rizzato offers a collaboration with the artist Paola Michela Mineo presenting "SUDARIO", one of her performances born in 2012 and revisited today exclusively for Spazio Rizzato and Performance Art TV.
The performative action, 6 years later, is reinterpreted in the experimental logic of Performace Art tv, the social web tv founded by the artist herself together with her colleague Francesca Fini with the aim of expanding the value of contemporary performative art as a social practice. The artists have experimented, with this innovative approach, that the particular format of streaming on the net, the use of a device like the smartphone, the ephemeral character of communication on social networks, are elements that overlaps provocatively with the idea of ​​"direct" as an extemporaneous creative process of the production of a work of art, they are able to poetically overturn the very meaning of the use of the smartphone as a filter through which we observe reality.

The SUDARIO performance will be streamed on the channel and projected exclusively to Spazio Rizzato also in front of a real audience: the spectator, in his dual real / virtual nature, will be invited to participate expressing the thoughts that will be solicited by the performance view, extreme synthesis of the mystery life-death-life. Written comments, without any censorship, will be read live, creating a sort of "digital reading" of emotions aroused by the performative action.

The artist will be in front of a naked body along with the elements that have always accompanied her research on the cast from life: oil, water, chalk dust and empathy. "In the performance, therefore, the experience of the" rebirth "of the ego is realized, which is freed from the residues of matter to open up to a new life (...)" Cosimo Strazzeri.