January 12 2018 /// Gigi Piana - spazio tempo

The performance SPAZIO-TEMPO, by the Biella artist Gigi Piana, is a gesture of reflection on language, on the false and apparent communication that exists in contemporary society. You can choose dead words, black words, or bright, colorful words. The first are a spiral that little by little isolates the individual, making him deaf and autistic, incapable of producing and receiving the truth.
The latter are the only possible way to escape from that prison: traces of light and life thrown like rafts on a dead sea. It is a performance that begins as a solitary, individualistic act, and then engages the audience in a social dialogue with many political and anthropological references to the current social situation.

Gigi Piana “moveo_ergo_sum (piccoli movimenti rivoluzionari)”
curated by Sarah Lanzoni
photo project by Ewa Gleisner