November 25 2017 /// Francesca Fini and Davide Cortese - The Call Center

Saturday 25 November, at 11 am (UTC +1), do not miss the long durational performance "THE CALL CENTER", with Davide Cortese, from an idea by Francesca Fini. 

In today’s article I will talk about THE CALL CENTER, a new experiment that took place on the Facebook Performance Art TV platform, on 25 November 2017. The performance was born from an idea of the founder Francesca Fini, with the collaboration of the poet Davide Cortese. Davide is a Sicilian poet, born in Lipari in 1974. He graduated in modern literature at the University of Messina, now lives and teaches in Rome. His prose is visceral, dry, hard.

Why THE CALL CENTER? Quoting Francesca’s words “The alienating experience of the call centers, where Davide has worked for a period of his life, turns into a surreal action, completely reverses the meaning of commercial calls. of the thread an unexpected poetic relationship devoid of utilitarian purposes. ”
Performance is simple. The young poet sits at a table, flips through the blank pages and without hesitation chooses a random number and calls. When he intercepts a human presence on the other side of the line, he begins to recite his poem from the booklet next to the phone, explains Francesca. Obviously everything in live streaming, such is the prerequisite of Performance Art TV.
The reactions of strangers are among the most varied and some even unexpected. There are those who remain silent and those who are disconcerted. An understandable answer. Who would expect to receive a call of this kind from a stranger? Only when David solicits a reply from the interlocutor, after having finished reciting the poem, it turns out that most decided to hang up. It also happens that someone gets scared. A woman finally confesses that she understood the initiative but was terrified of it.
On the other hand, the reaction of the public follows the direct streaming, which increases exponentially. The two-hour broadcast was followed by 3800 people, with peaks of 60 people connected simultaneously and thousands of interactions. Many of the spectators ask for private dedications and in the chat of the page start to flip telephone numbers, which are passed to Davide. The people who are contacted in this way are those who arrive at the end of the poem spontaneously leave a comment, negative or positive. There are even those who have critically reviewed a poem.

“Are you surprised that the artists have been more open, mentally free, more willing to consider an unexpected experience that takes place outside the predictable and conventional linearity of existence, supporting the creative folly of a stranger on the phone?” This is the question that Francesca asks herself. Stating that neither she nor anyone who participated in the performance is baffled by this fact. She goes on to say “This reflection drives us to take a step forward and to explore the country anthropologically through this form of poetic guerrilla warfare.This first experiment was done on Rome, but it would be interesting to replicate it in other contexts: how could Naples, Palermo or Milan react? ? ” To find out, stay tuned to Performance Art TV and follow the upcoming episodes of THE CALL CENTER!