October 14 2017 /// BodyQuake # 2

BodyQuake, by Salvatore Iaconesi, Oriana Persico and Francesca Fini, comes back to PATV in a brand new version, involving a person from the audience who could actually "wear" the epileptic shocks through a wearable device.

BodyQuake transforms research and innovation on epilepsy into a participatory performance.
The project is the result of the collaboration between IRCCS Neuromed - Neuromed Foundation and “La Cura” with Art is Open Source (Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico) and the artist and performer Francesca Fini; the international community "FLxER Live Media" and AVNode project; The HER Research Institute - Human Ecosystems Relazioni.

Neuromed, national institute of excellence in the field of neuroscience, has opened its databases to the artists, making it possible for an unprecedented dialogue: while scientific researchers capture and analyze large amounts of data, the convulsions, their devastating effects on the body and data for treatment, artists intertwine them with other information about life, social conditions, desires, visions and expectations of people with epilepsy.

In the performance, all the data, transformed into generative sounds and visualizations, is projected onto the body of the performer who literally "wears" the epileptic crisis: the "body shaked” - BodyQuake - interrupted by the earthquake of epileptic attack enters the scene in a syncretic dramaturgy based on scientific data, algorithms, stories, and emotions that create an unprecedented polyphony of codes and narratives.

BodyQuake interprets and addresses the isolation of epileptic condition: a condition that is sensorial for those who suffer and emotional for those who participate in the crisis as witnesses. In the forthcoming performance editions, a series of wearable technologies will be designed with the aim of allowing the audience to "feel" the shake intensity right on their skin.
A connective ritual.