July 6 2017 /// Windows, by Paola Michela Mineo

Portrait city project, a performance art web series
by Paola Michela Mineo

Performance ARTtv production
live july 6 2017
h. 17.00

Windows is a web series of artistic performances created for Performance Art tv by the artist Paola Michela Mineo: the episodes are the portrait of the city where she chose to live: Pietrasanta.The project was born from a simple questions: how to create a city portrait?
The artist’s obsession are human portraits and she use this approach to deepen her knowledges about humans; with this project she will try to move from the traditional way to the concept of a portrait,  trying to make peace between her architectural training and the artistic research of these years. She will start from the urban scale to develop in the human one, she is living for a journey to discover Pietrasanta, the little Athens, looking for unusual points of view, mixing the present and the past with the open eyes of the contemporary art, window on thoughts. The artist will do symbolic and conceptual micro action in the place full of history and tradition.