July 11 2017 /// Roberto Rossini - Locus Solus

Performance Art TV in Genova
July 11 2017 /// program 1 - 15.00 pm (UTC+2)

Roberto Rossini
Aesthetic-ritual action
Episode 6

(Locus Solus = lonely place, but also a unique place…)
‘Locus’ that wants to be ‘solus’: a physical and mental space where there is still the possibility
of voluntary solitude. The project is developed in 7 episodes, linked to 7 different environments,
as in Raimond Roussel’s novel, which inspired and gave the title to the performance cycle.
In this sixth episode I will present a work about the fragmentation of languages, in the form of a ‘demonstration’, focusing the body at the center of a symbolic editing, knot of relationships with the outside world, from which often the gesture only can free it, restoring its individuality.
The environments where the performance will take place are a space of ‘suspended time’, almost
a biographical subjectivity.
Roberto Rossini, 2017, June.

Roberto Rossini performance took place in the incredible space of Palazzo Reale Museum.