April 20 2017 /// Microcollection - The invisible side of art

The idea for the Microcollection came to Elisa Bollazzi at the Venice Biennial in 1990 when she picked up a few fragments accidentally fallen onto the floor from a work by Anish Kapoor, it was the intuition of a new form of creation. Since then she has been collecting art-particles, each time re-experiencing the magic of the creative act.
Now the museum owns more than a thousand art-fragments (Arman, Buren, Burri, Penone, etc.) visible under a microscope during the so-called Cabinets de regard, so, by contemplating the fragment the public experiences Elisa’s intuition, senses the invisible, and becomes aware of the creative freedom.

Microcollection is a mental art experience that changes the boundaries of art, mainly focusing on immateriality, mythology, and dissemination.

With this performance the Director will open the Microcollection Museum with an exclusive guided tour to show us the art collection.